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[L4D2] Null Commands


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Checks players for the use of invalid commands and logs to server console. Useful to determine cheaters which manipulated number of sending commands/tickbase to shift their game time.


  • if player using invalid commands and have rounded or fixed dropped_packets. I am pretty much sure he is cheating.
  • g_iIgnoredCommands here is only for remove false positive result. Since when map changes server tickbase also changes but client sided doesnt and becomes synced with server only on second tick but they still can happen if some admin reloads plugins or server lost connection.
  • Perhaps for an additional check, I can add check for the number of commands sent and if they differ from the expected value then player possibly cheating or have a bad performance.
  • This is first release so so far plugin only do logging and doesn't ban anyone

PHP Code:

// if the player uses invalid commands then plugin will reset them
// its useful if cheater uses airstuck/no fall damage/teleport because it will be fully blocked but he still can crash your server
// 0 - disabled | 1 - enabled

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