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[ODBANOWANY] - nieeen request/ ANY ANSWER?

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Bana dostałeś za animowany clan tag. Animowanego clan tagu nie można mieć nie używając cheatów albo skryptu przy czym aby skrypt działał na serwerze musi być włączone sv_cheats 1, a nie jest.

Hm, ok then. The fact that you are playing on a non-English speaking server works to your advantage. You will get unbanned on my resposibility. I trust you about that, you are not using any

Im changing the tag using binds and its been available for long time, u have multiple guides on google how to do it, and from what i understand Kodziras is saying u need sv_cheats 1 for them binds to work, that is not true there arent many servers with that command on and you can use it im pretty sure on most of them, if there is some command preventing its not sv_cheats itself or only. Thank you for texting in english i appreciate that someone just gave me ip

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