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On February 26, 2018 new server regulations have been introduced



1. It is forbidden to use any programs facilitating the gameplay (permanent ban and deletion of the record / points in the case of programs helping in faster map passage).
2. It is forbidden to use any errors in the game - if noticed, immediately notify the Administrator (warning, kick).
3. Prohibition of deliberate use of server bugs related to its operation (permanent ban).
4. A player not moving for 5 minutes is treated as AFK (slay, kick).
5. The player is required to have a stable ping that allows comfortable playing to others. The maximum allowed ping is 120. (warning, kick, ban up to 10 minutes).
6. Prohibition of dishonest shortening of maps using premeditated map errors (deletion of the record and points scored, ban up to one week).

Credit / store:
1. Credits are points for which you can buy various items from the store (! Store).
2. Loans may be transferred to each other excluding transactions:
- credits for the player's service on the server that does not comply with the server's regulations (e.g. provocation to insult someone)
- credits for the admin service on the server (e.g. dish unban / unmute)
3. For the above-mentioned exchanges of credits the bank is entitled, and in addition to zeroing credits for both parties. All operations with loans are logged in the database.
4. It is prohibited to spam with offers for exchanges for loans, begging and other store commands. You can submit up to one offer per map.
5. The administration does not bear any responsibility for fraud in the exchange of credits between players, however, based on the collected evidence, it can impose penalties in the form of bans / resetting credits on the server.
6. The person duplicating credits will be blocked on the server and the account will be reset. (Permanent ban)


1. Prohibition of advertising websites of other networks / servers and IP addresses from cs-SopliCa.com. (ban for a week, permanent ban).
We accept jackpots and betting and skinning ads.
2. Prohibition of having vulgar, racist, offensive feelings. (warning, kick, ban up to one day)
3. Ban on counterfeiting of admin tags / prefixes (ban for 1 day, ban for a week).
4. It is forbidden to change the nickname twice within 15 minutes (warning, ban for one day).
5. Prohibition of having a group / prefix advertising another server / server network (warning, kick, ban up to a week).
6. Nick must contain at least two letters or numbers in one string. (warning, kick, ban up to 5 minutes).
7. Prohibition of having an avatar advertising another network, server or ip (warning, ban up to a week, permament ban)
8. Prohibition of having the same name by two different players on the server (warning, ban for one day)

1. Prohibition of offending other players (warning, blockade for chat / microphone for a week, ban for a week).
2. No spamming with unnecessary content (warning, blocking for up to one day chat).
3. Prohibition of slander and attempts to destroy the image of the Web (warning, blockade for chat and microphone for up to a week).
4. Prohibition of advertising websites of other networks / servers and IP addresses from cs-SopliCa.com (permamentny ban).
5. Prohibition of propagating racist content that may offend someone's feelings (warning, blockade for chat / microphone for one day).
6. No abuse of chat with admin (u @) (warning, ban up to 4 hours).
Admin chat is used to report people breaking the server rules and to ask questions about the server.
7. No spamming of exchange offers - we only allow one offer to be placed on one map by one player (warning, blocking for one day chat).
8. No abuse of profanity - we don't punish too light, rare ugly words, provided they don't offend other players. (warning, blockade for chat / microphone for one day).
9. Prohibition of deliberate jamming of the game (warning, blockade for a microphone for up to a week).
10. It is forbidden to play music or other sounds (warning, microphone lock for up to a week).
11. Persons without a mutation may use the microphone only to report an important fact to the server admin or to ask a question (warning, blocking the microphone for one day).
12. People with a malfunctioning microphone (crackling noises) should not use it. (warning, microphone lock for up to 4 hours).
13. No mocking or ridicule for others. (warning, blockade for chat and microphone for one day).
14. Prohibition of impersonating the admin and deliberate misleading players (ban up to a week).
15. Prohibition of providing someone's personal data. (ban three days)
16. Prohibition of threatening other users with ban (warning, ban for up to one day)

1. Each player has the right to appeal against a penalty within 72 hours of its imposition on the forum in the appropriate server section.
2. Each player has the right to write a justified complaint about the Administrator or another player on the forum in the appropriate

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