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no admin !

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Nick during the game: surf_ski_2
Date and time of the event: now
Nick admin / player on which you want to complain: all admins !
Situation description: inactive !
Evidence, witnesses of the event:



as usual no admin available in server !


too many aims and cheaters always killing the server ! most of players left direct like this moment


this aimbot " # 4 "MALIK MONTANA" VALVE_4:0:137402725 "


he make a server shit ! we cant do anything ! we cant play


i hope something happen i have too many exp. in admin servers ! more than 8 years


if no admin can be available daily i can cuz i play in server daily u can check my gametrucker


with my best .. best of luck !

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You have to know that right now in our coutry everybody have vacations, many of them left the country for some holidays, but in 1 week the school will start and players/admins will fill up the servers so don't worry be happy :)

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