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  1. i play in server more than a year and report aims always .. then u give admin for another guy ? i play Cs 1.6 since 2006 i have been admin more than 9 years but u not fair with that ...
  2. takber

    Hello there .. ;)


  3. they are fucking team ,, aimbot .. now in server and daily play .. nickname: [Tits] D3zy ID: STEAM_1: 0: 1806999333 nickname : [Cycki]Unk0wn ID: STEAM_1:0:405537547 @ Vonki
  4. gang2115 STEAM_1:0:337110801 now in server @Vonki
  5. hello .. would you give me admin cuz none of your admin available at all ? 

  6. REPORT ABOUT AIMBOT \ HACKER .. NOW # 2 "griZZl." STEAM_1:0:1491087386
  7. who say anything about u ? first things i was think u have access to ban ! i just mention ur name as VIP after than i see u told u are not admin so this report before ur answer !
  8. Nick during the game: takber Date and time of the event: always Nick admin / player on which you want to complain: grzeczny Adrian Situation description: he use kind of hack in game ! Evidence, witnesses of the event: u can check HLTV and i have this demo ! i told VIP Pavlox about him many times but nothing happen 1 .. he kill like wallhack always ! demo : https://ufile.io/3708n i hope this kind of kids get banned ! IP and steam for him : "grzeczny Adrian :)" VALVE_4:0:1690761352
  9. Nick during the game: surf_ski_2 Date and time of the event: now Nick admin / player on which you want to complain: all admins ! Situation description: inactive ! Evidence, witnesses of the event: as usual no admin available in server ! too many aims and cheaters always killing the server ! most of players left direct like this moment this aimbot " # 4 "MALIK MONTANA" VALVE_4:0:137402725 " he make a server shit ! we cant do anything ! we cant play i hope something happen i have too many exp. in admin servers ! more than 8 years if no admin can be available daily i can cuz i play in server daily u can check my gametrucker with my best .. best of luck !
  10. so what is the vonki say about this topic ! ?
  11. i respect your opinion ,, but i dont care what they say ,,, when u become admin my target clean up the server .. let them say what ever they want i dont mind and i dont have time to hear what they say or write i am from Bahrain not Saudi Arabia regards . !
  12. Nick : takber Name : Mohammad Age : 25 Internship playing CS : since 2006 Knowledge amxx on a scale of 1 to 10 : too many times i got admin in other servers. Do you have / had admin on other servers (Soplica) : No What would you like to enter the server as admin : protect server from hackers and aimbot, i have good experience in admin and easy to know who cheat and hot he cheat. Do you have a microphone : No Do you have a steam : Yes I am steamer Payment [sMS / TRANSFER / ADVERTISING] : ID in the shop ( http://sklep.cs-soplica.com/ ) : Requirements (please refer to them - yes / no) : - min. 20h losers on the server : http://www.gametracker.com/player/takber/ - Age 16 : over 16 - lack of permanent bans on servers in the past Soplicy : No bans in soplica servers - culture to the players and admins : Yes - knowledge of the Rules : Yes

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